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Blank Console screen

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Blank Console screen

Hello folks -

I am trying to console into two 3COM 4400 SE 24 port switches, however keep getting a blank screen on both of them. I have tried different cables, but still get the same result.

I have used all possible settings for baud rate, but that didn't help either. Even tried different machines to console from, but that too did not help. So not sure what the problem is.

Can anyone suggest what else I can try?

Thanks for your help.

Super Advisor

Re: Blank Console screen

Do you have access to the switches using some network management software? Try to check the access settings.

I think you cannot perform a reboot on these switches, but if they don't show you nothing on the console nor even on the NMS, a reboot will be a good try to solve or at least isolate the problem.