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CDP Neighbor detail on a 3com?

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CDP Neighbor detail on a 3com?

Is there an equivalent command for 3com?   I am used to Cisco and I am trying to trace down a mac and I have no idea what the cdp neighbors are.

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Re: CDP Neighbor detail on a 3com?

The equivalent command is "display ndp". Unfortunately, there is no any command that is equivalent to the "show cdp neighbor DETAILED". The ndp output shows the neighbor platform, the port and MAC address, but does not show the IP address.


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Re: CDP Neighbor detail on a 3com?

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a HP A7503 Switch (JD240B).

I solved the problem enabling the LLDP feature with CDP compliance.

Here the commands step by step:


[HP-A7503-Gigi]display lldp status Global status of LLDP: Disable


[HP-A7503-Gigi]lldp enable


[HP-A7503-Gigi]lldp compliance ?

cdp  Non standard IEEE discovery protocol


[HP-A7503-Gigi]lldp compliance cdp


[HP-A7503-Gigi]display lldp neighbor-information ?  


Brief message  

interface  Specify interface  

list       Neighbor list

|          Matching output   <cr>    


[HP-A7503-Gigi]display lldp neighbor-information brief

LLDP neighbor-information of port 191[GigabitEthernet3/0/47]:  

Neighbor 1:  

ChassisID/subtype: ABCD-ABCD-ABCD/MAC address  

PortID/subtype   : 50/Locally assigned  

Capabilities     : Bridge


[HP-A7503-Gigi]display lldp neighbor-information list ?  

system-name  Specify neighbor system name  

|            Matching output   <cr>   


[HP-A7503-Gigi]display lldp neighbor-information list

System Name          Local Interface   Chassis ID                  Port ID

HP2650-Gigi            GE3/0/47              ABCD-ABCD-ABCD  50



Hope to have been useful