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Can't do a hard factory reset - HP5130

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Can't do a hard factory reset - HP5130

Hello All,

I am stuck as I'm trying to perform a hard factory reset on a HP 5130.

What I did :

I connect the switch through the console port and using Putty. 

I am well connected to the Switch, have to enter the credantials (admin/blank) and all is ok.

Now, if I want to put some configuration throught the CLI, I always got the "Access Denied". 

I don't understand cause I am (apparently) using the default admin user. 

Nevermind, then I tried to do what's explain on that post

If I try to do a factory reset through the Extended Boot Menu, I got the famous : 

Password recoversy capability is enable. To perform this operation, first disable the password recovery capability using the undo password-recovery enable command in CLI. 

Ok ! Nice ! Let's do it...

undo password-recovery

Access denied....

Ok.... so I also tried to choose choice 7 (Skip Current System Configuration) but it doesnt seems to work at all.

Ah, finaly, I got the IP adress of the switch. I tried to connect throught the Web Access, but I am stuck at the entry. The password Admin/blank doesnt work...

I spent like 1 entire day on it, and I am become CRAZY ! For my health mental, please, help ?


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Re: Can't do a hard factory reset - HP5130

Provided that you are able to access your Switch in user view mode [*] on Switch's CLI restoring the factory default settings should be done through the restore factory-default command and after a reboot (for the restore command to take effect).

The restore factory-default feature will:

  • delete all configuration files (.cfg files) in the root directory of storage media (flash).
  • delete all log files (.log files in the folder /logfile).
  • clear all log information (in the log buffer), trap information and debugging information.
  • restore the parameters for the Boot ROM options to the factory-default settings.

After this operation, only the items required for device operation are retained, including the .bin files, the MAC Addresses and the Electronic Label information.

Please refer to HPE FlexNetwork 5130 EI Switch Series Fundamentals Configuration Guide.

[*] Note that user view mode is the very first mode you're placed into when you successfully log in with admin's credentials; user view mode prompt is indicated through <devicename> brackets as opposed to system view mode (which needs to be called by user through system-view command) which is indicated by [devicename] brackets.