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Cofiguring a VLAN

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Cofiguring a VLAN



At my work we want to enable VLAN's on our switches. We have a piramide/tree like topology.

The switches we posses are sic 3Com 4400SE and one 3Com4900.

The 4400SE switches between each other and are connected to the 4900, like:



         /                |                  \

4400 se     4400 se         4400 se

     |                    |                    |

4400 se     4400 se         4400 se


We want to enable the VLAN's so visitors cannot connect to our servers but can access the internet.


I created VLAN 2 tagged and added the port I'm on in this VLAN (I'm also in VLAN1). However, people from VLAN 1 can access my shared folders. I think it's a simple sollution and I googled for a few days but I can't finnd the corerct information.

When I leave VLAN1, i lose the connection to the switch so this isn't a option.


Many thanks!




Firmware on all devices is 3.21, I think this could be a problem. Don't know if I have permission to upgrade the device. Anyone who knows a solution on 3.21, I welcome all!

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