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Comparison between switches

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Comparison between switches

Hi all,


I'm feeling a little lost at this moment when trieing to choose the correct switch for some situations.

For exaple, the 5500 range of switches,you have the Ei, Hi, Si versions, but there is also the 3800 series, witch can be compared to the 5500 i think.

I'm facing the same problem with the 5120 Ei, Si and 2920 for exaple.


Is there a somewhere good feature comparrioson between the switches? To pick the right switch for the right perpose.

I'm looking for something that goes a little deeper than the features tab on the product pages.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Comparison between switches

Maybe this is a nice start:

CCIE Service Provider
MASE Network Infrastructure [2011]

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Re: Comparison between switches

It´s somehow old, but it will give you a overview of HP´s Comware/exH3C based switches. For full specifications I suggest you to look at the release notes of each one.


If you are looking for a good routing switch and it´s HP 3800 versus 5500-HI, go for the 5500-HI.


I wouldn´t take the 5500/5120 for edge, as it has some strange softwarelocked limitations (depending on the switch)

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Re: Comparison between switches

@internalnews wrote:

I wouldn´t take the 5500/5120 for edge, as it has some strange softwarelocked limitations (depending on the switch)

Hi internalnews,


Would you care to elaborate on the above comment a little more?  My experience with the 5120s has been excellent, and they are my preferred edge switch at the moment.

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Re: Comparison between switches

Well, it is great that you can IRF stack the 5120-SI with Gbe slots only. But why is there a softwarelock of 256 arp entries while the hardware itself could support thousands?
On edge, I need packet filtering mechansim. Blocking specific icmpv6/ipv6 extenshion and routing headers is not possible with S5500-SI/EI/HI. We live in year 2013... Btw, the latest software release of 5800/5820 series introduced custom  ACLs for IP. Give me this one and the same feature for IPv6 on the whole 5500 and 5120 switching series and I will reconsider my statements.

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Re: Comparison between switches

Thanks for the replies, the switch selector is ok, but these things I can do out of my head.

The excel files of internalnews are better and a good start for me to complete them with newer products.