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Comware 5 and 802.1x with Microsoft NPS

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Occasional Advisor

Comware 5 and 802.1x with Microsoft NPS

I am attempting to setup our Comware 5 based switches to do 802.1x authentication of the port that the computer is connected to using EAP-TLS and Microsoft NPS server.  I have been using the NPS server for logging in to switch do administration already and no issues with authencation with LDAP credentials.  I can see the authentication request in the NPS logs.

However when I try to have a client be authenticated, I see errors in the event log on the workstation but never see any authentication request in the NPS logs.  Do I need to setup a separate domain for this? Does any one have a complete example from the Comware side of how to setup 802.1x for EAP?

Any assistance would be greately appreciated!

Occasional Advisor

Re: Comware 5 and 802.1x with Microsoft NPS

I was able to resolve the issue with the switch configuration by following the instructions at the following sites:

Basically in the domain configuration I had authentication and authorization set to login and need to have lan-access for 802.1x (EAP-TLS) authentication to work properly.  After that, I was able to see the request come in to the NPS logs.

I hope this helps someone else