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Comware 7.1 ACL rate limit

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Comware 7.1 ACL rate limit



We have a pair of 5900AF-48XG-4QSFP switches running Comware 7.1.045 2311P01


We are trying to filter outbound SSH from these switches, rather then a full block/deny are we able to rate limit this type of access to say 10 connections per minute or similar ?


Is this possible in Comware OS



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Re: Comware 7.1 ACL rate limit

Hello, Drolfe. Here are some comments from our experts:


"Why don’t they just limit the inbound SSH connections on the device(s)? This is a switch and when you move the conversation to connections, that is something typically thought of from a FW aspect. From the switch level as you mention we could completely deny SSH to a port/ports or we could rate limit the SSH traffic to ports but unless the switch has FW capabilities (like the FW module in the 12500) these are the only options."


Please let us know if this helps. Thank you.

Juan Pablo Hurtado