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Comware 7 on MSR958 - SFlow settings

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Comware 7 on MSR958 - SFlow settings


Did someone can help to set up Sflow export from HPE A-MSR 958 (JH300A) to a collector (any, let's say PRTG here)? Running Comware  Version 7.1.064, Release 0605P13.

Have followed the steps bellow but stuck at defining sampling rate on physical interface, when in "Determine" sampling-mode:


[HPE-GigabitEthernet0/0]sflow sampling-rate 1000
The interface doesn't support the operation.

Since agent and collector are defined with no error on the device.

My collector, (PRTG) is able to reach the device and adding SFlow probe finished without error but PRTG seems to wait for Sflow data export, who never reach it (due to no sampling rate defined above?).

Thanks for any help,

Lionel R.

Re: Comware 7 on MSR958 - SFlow settings



The configuration guide says 'sFlow is not supported on Layer 2 Ethernet interfaces and Layer-configurable Ethernet interfaces'

Can you check if the interface in question is not int bridge mode.

Refer Page 287 of



Thank you


Thank You!
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Re: Comware 7 on MSR958 - SFlow settings

I'll take a look at this document (my documentation on the matter is a bit outdated - doc version 6PW100-20110810).

Thank you

Lionel R.