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Comware CLI "feature/fix" request

Frequent Advisor

Comware CLI "feature/fix" request

Since my first dip into the Comware CLI (many years of BASH) I've been frustrated by the inability to a simple SELECT > RIGHT CLICK paste into the CLI from a dis int brief because the port name prefixes are not compatible with edit mode.


IRF1-2>dis int brief


Interface            Link Speed   Duplex Type PVID Description                
XGE1/0/1             UP   10G(a)  F(a)   A    1    enc01p-vc3 X1              
XGE1/0/2             UP   10G(a)  F(a)   A    1    enc01p-vc4 X1              
XGE1/0/3             ADM  auto    A      A    1                               
XGE1/0/4             ADM  auto    A      A    1




IRF1-2]int XGE1/0/1
 % Wrong parameter found at '^' position.


Simply make the prefix compatible!


Rant off



Trusted Contributor

Re: Comware CLI "feature/fix" request

Wouldnt it be possible if you setup a command-alias for this?


This is what I currently use in a 5820:


command-alias enable
command-alias mapping quit exit
command-alias mapping undo no
command-alias mapping display show
command-alias mapping reboot reload
command-alias mapping header banner
command-alias mapping reset clear
command-alias mapping acl access-list
command-alias mapping port switchport
command-alias mapping stp spanning-tree
command-alias mapping snmp-agent snmp-server
command-alias mapping user-interface line
command-alias mapping return end
command-alias mapping sysname hostname
command-alias mapping save write
command-alias mapping delete erase
command-alias mapping info-center logging

Frequent Advisor

Re: Comware CLI "feature/fix" request

So I should be able to do


command-alias mapping  Ten-GigabitEthernet XGE

command-alias mapping GigabitEthernet GE


for example?


comware says that is an incomplete command


Seems to me that this is something HP should fix.



Honored Contributor

Re: Comware CLI "feature/fix" request

Much as I like Apachez's command-alias file (and use pretty much the same one myself), it only works for the first word of any command.