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Comware Voice VLAN & 802.1x

Pete W
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Comware Voice VLAN & 802.1x

Does anybody know whether it is possible to implement 802.1X with dynamic VLANs AND a voice VLAN on the same interface, on an HP 5120-EI.


Ideally I would like the following:

Any port on a PoE switch may have:

  • A PC attached
  • A phone attached
  • A phone and a PC attached


The PC traffic should enter a VLAN dynamically specified by RADIUS, and the voice data should go into VLAN 50.

All phones are Cisco 7941s.





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Fortinet NSE 1-7
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Re: Comware Voice VLAN & 802.1x

try this:


port link-type hybrid

port hybrid vlan 1 untagged

voice vlan 5 enable ## 5 is my voice vlan. Replace with your voice vlan id.

mac-vlan enable

dot1x re-authenticate

dot1x guest-vlan 3   ## 3 is my guest vlan. Replace with your GUEST vlan id.

undo dot1x handshake

undo dot1x multicast-trigger




I've been using and it works. My switchs are 5500-ei.

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Re: Comware Voice VLAN & 802.1x

Hi Fabiano,

Why  would you need a guest-vlan? Is it really needed for the 802.1x authentication?