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Comware: test + debugging environment

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Comware: test + debugging environment

So, we have different environments for hunting down bugs "_hidecmd" doesn´t belong to it. Does anyone know the passwords or keystroke combinations?




  • Are there any other environments?


[5500EI]en_diag CAUTION : Now you enter an en_diag command view for developer's testing, some commands may be dangerous, please carefully use it with our engineer's direction. [5500EI-diagnose]? Diagnose view commands: _display display bcm bcm sdk command cfd Connectivity fault detection (IEEE 802.1ag) debug Drv debug command debugging Command which make debug process convenient display Display local Command which make debugging process convenient mtracert Trace route to multicast source multicast-optimization Multicast optimization function ping Ping function quit Exit from current command view return Exit to User View save Save current configuration shell Shell view stack-mode Stack-mode tracert Trace route function undo Undo Command [5500EI-diagnose]





    *                                                                       *
    *             Switch 4800G PWR 24-Port BOOTROM, Version 306             *
    *                                                                       *
    Copyright(c) 2004-2008 3Com Corp. and its licensors. All rights reserved.
    Creation date   : Mar 13 2008, 09:53:46
    CPU Clock Speed : 533MHz
    BUS Clock Speed : 133MHz
    Memory Size     : 256MB
    Mac Address     : 002473c81100

Press Ctrl-B to enter Boot Menu... 5

1. Download application file to flash
2. Select application file to boot
3. Display all files in flash
4. Delete file from flash
5. Restore to factory default configuration
6. Enter bootrom upgrade menu
7. Skip current configuration file
8. Reserved
9. Set switch startup mode
0. Reboot
Ctrl+F: Format File System
Ctrl+D: Enter Debugging Mode
Ctrl+T: Enter Board Test Environment

Enter your choice(0-9): CTRL+T  +ENTER
Are you sure you want to test your equipment? Yes or No(Y/N) y
Enter board test environment...

Password: huawei-3com

help                                      Display this information
reset                                     Reset device
test sdram                                Test sdram
test sdram dataline                       Test sdram dataline
test sdram addressline                    Test sdram addressline
test sdram unit                           Test sdram unit
clear manuinfo                            Set e-lable information default
display manuinfo                          Diplay all e-lable information
test flash read <1-255> <1-50000>         test flash read
test flash write <4-255> <1-500>          test flash write
test sdram read <0-400000>                test sdram read <times>
test sdram write <0-4294967295> <0-4294967295> <0-400000> test sdram write <value1> <value2> <times>
test cpld write <0-255> <0-255> <0-4294967295> test cpld write <regidx> <data> <times>
test cpld read <0-255> <0-4294967295>     test cpld read <regidx> <times>
test pci read <0-4294967295> <0-100000>   test pci read <Addr> <times>
test pci write <0-4294967295> <0-4294967295> <0-4294967295> <0-100000> test pci write <Addr> <value1> <value2> <times>


 => looks dangerous


 Are you sure you want to test your equipment? Yes or No (Y/N)y
 Password: huawei-3com or diagnosis (depends on switch)


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Re: Comware: test + debugging environment

Password diagnosis I pressume is when entering bootrom mode?


And what about the system+view + en_diag, just exit afterwards or any negative effects on the hardware when issuing that command (compared to _hide_cmd where you can just do "?" without fireing the commands and then type exit to leave)?