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Configure SHDSL module on MSR3024

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Configure SHDSL module on MSR3024



I am having issues when configuring the MSR 3024 router equipped with one HP A-MSR 1-p 8-wire G.SHDSL DSIC module. The router has OS version MSR3000-CMW710-R0106P33.

With Comware 7, I am not able to input the following commands which are essential for SHDSL line operation:

bridge enable
bridge routing-enable
bridge 1 enable
bridge 1 routing ip  
interface Atm2/0
 ip virtual-reassembly  
interface Atm2/0.1 P2P
 bridge-set 1
 pvc 8/35
  encapsulation aal5snap
  map bridge-group broadcast  
  map ip default broadcast  
interface Bridge-template1  

Please find attached a sample SHDSL router configuration with Comware 5. (Highlighted in red are the specific SHDSL commands)

Commands like bridge and interface Bridge are not available on Comware 7


What are the equivalent commands in Comware 7?