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Configuring NTP as Stratum 2?

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Configuring NTP as Stratum 2?

Im pretty new to the Comware world (6 months) and I need to setup NTP as Stratum 2 on my IRF Pair of HP5900 (Comware 7). Im connecting directly to a Stratum 1 hardware appliance but I do not want my servers hitting it directly for time. I have scoured the discussion forums for similar content and I have read through the "HP 5900 Switch Series Configuration Examples" god manual. I havent really picked up a full understanding of the best way to configure.

It is my understanding that Comware 5 (My iLO switch is 5800, Comware 5) does not support NTPv4, so I will need to run NTPv3 everywhere... Do I set up my IRF switch as an NTP client to get its time from the Stratum 1 NTP appliance, then set the IRF switch as NTP server at Stratum 2 to then serve out that that time to my downstream hardware (iLO and servers)?

Would the IRF switch then be the IP that I point by downstream hardware to for their NTP server settings?

And if I am correct in my thoughts, can you provide me with CLI structure to follow?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Configuring NTP as Stratum 2?

When you pull your time from a stratum 1 NTP server, you're automatically a stratum2 for other ntp clients.   The stratum is incremented by each extra hop