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Configuring SFlow on HP(3com) A5500 JD374A

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Configuring SFlow on HP(3com) A5500 JD374A



I'm trying to configure this device to send sflow messages to an sflow collector at 


This is my configuration at the moment can anyone point out the issue here as im not getting any sflow traffic.




sflow agent ip
sflow collector 1 ip description "CLI Collector"

interface Vlan-interface105
description Servers vlan105
ip address
vrrp vrid 5 virtual-ip
vrrp vrid 5 authentication-mode simple dental12
packet-filter 3305 inbound

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
port link-mode bridge
description link to edge1
port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan 1 101 to 104 106 to 107 130 210
stp instance 1 port priority 64
sflow sampling-rate 10000
sflow flow collector 1
sflow counter interval 20


Re: Configuring SFlow on HP(3com) A5500 JD374A

What happens when you try a "display sflow"?  Does it show you the configuration and status?


The sflow collector will transmit on port 6343 by default.  Could the port be blocked on your network?  You can change the port, if desired, on the sflow collector command in the range of 1 to 65535.


Also, there is a note in the documentation that the 5500 SI switch does not support the "port link-mode bridge" command.  If you are using that switch, that may be an issue.



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Re: Configuring SFlow on HP(3com) A5500 JD374A

If you are on another switch and needs to pass through the trunk it would´t be possible due the trunk dont have the vlan 105 in it. But if not , maybe if you set sflow source [Your IP] the data should appears.



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Re: Configuring SFlow on HP(3com) A5500 JD374A

How can I disable sflow on an HP-5500 SI