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Connecting trunk between 5820 and 3810M switch problems

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Connecting trunk between 5820 and 3810M switch problems



Today I mistakenly caused major problems on our network, and I am trying to determine where I screwed up.

I created a LACP trunk with a HP5820 switch (switch A) and Aruba3810M switch (switch B). 

On switch A I created a bridge aggregate and on switch B created an lacp trunk. When I plugged them in, I lost access to switch A and instantly all of our important applications went down (including Exchange, ERP, edge switches). I unplugged the cable immediately when we started having problems.

On switch A I see CRC errors on the bridge aggregate and ten-gig interface.  On switch B I see FCS Rx and Drop Tx errors.

I realized I used an OM2 cable when I should have actually used an OM3 cable. Is it possible that using the wrong cable could that have caused all of the problems?

Please forgive me if this is a stupid question. 

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Re: Connecting trunk between 5820 and 3810M switch problems

Inter-linking a Comware based switch with one ProVision based (ProCurve) it's - or should be - pretty simple if done properly (did you followed this and/or this as references?).

Can you share sanitized troubleshooting commands' outputs (show/display) related to LACP Bonds and their member interfaces?

Did you see other possible issues related to overlapping VLANs' IP Addresses (if any) if used concurrently on your Aruba 3810M and/or on your HPE FlexNetwork 5820?

I'm not an HPE Employee
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Re: Connecting trunk between 5820 and 3810M switch problems

Thank you for your response. I used a similar process that you provided in the links to setup the links.

I confirmed that I don't have any overlapping VLAN IP addresses. 

I'm not sure what commands to run. I have disconnected the troublesome switch to avoid further downtime. 

I am wondering if I actually caused a spanning tree loop. I have been trying to learn more about spanning tree. I determined that the switches that I am using do not currently have stp turned on, so I'm wondering how this could have happened.