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Connection down

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Connection down

Dear Friends,

I have a network topology like this

3COM.JPGNetworkWhy if SWITCH A Reboot, User with VLAN 10 cannot connect to the server for a while (5-15s), ping request time out to the server., because i check other switch Switch B and switch C no problem on that switch (still on).

Is there any additional configuration with topology like this? maybe for STP or other? STP configuration enable by default.

Suggestion i appreciate.


Thank you


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Re: Connection down


It can be spanning-tree, if Switch A is the root bridge.

When the root switch reboots, an other root will be elected, this can cause some downtime, because every uplink will recalculate his best path with the new root. 

You should check your spanning-tree priorities on all the switches, and check who is root at the moment.



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Re: Connection down


Thank you very much for your advise, i will look into my STP, currently i check still using STP but will change to RSTP to minimize downtime, is it correct?