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DHCP Relay doesnt work on HP Switch

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DHCP Relay doesnt work on HP Switch



we have HP 5130 switch in our environment at one of the site in CZ republic

Boot image version: 7.1.045, Release 3116P03

For this site we have DHCP configured to a remote location . data center is in London

The problem is when ever ISP link goes down or any ISP issue related to Link , DHCP relay doesnt work

as a result systems doesnt get IP address so every time we have to rebot core switch than it works

any soution ?



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Re: DHCP Relay doesnt work on HP Switch

Next time, instead of rebooting the switch, try disabling the DHCP service on the switch and then re enabling it.

Your best bet to figure out where the problem lies would be to capture packets at both ends:
Most importantly: does the request reach London and the offer isn't being sent? Is it being sent but it's the offer that doesn't make it back over the WAN?
What's the difference (ie packet payload) between a good request/offer before the outage and a bad one, after the outage?