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(DUP!) after replaying a ping packet

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(DUP!) after replaying a ping packet

what is the reason of being shown this message when i ping from switch to specific SVI ? 




TTL=255 TIME=2ms (DUP!) 



please who knows about this problem give me his feedback as fast as possible .





Re: (DUP!) after replaying a ping packet

DUP means DUPlicate. Check if you have 2 machines with the same IP adress on your network.

Do you have DUP with all the replies?

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Re: (DUP!) after replaying a ping packet

If you're not getting DUPs from other SVIs on the same switch, then it may be some kind of duplication with two MAC addresses both responding for the same IP address - could be some kind of "clustering" of some sort gone wrong, for example.


If other SVI's also show DUPs, it's more likely a fault causing retransmission of the Ping reply.