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Re: Difference S5120 SI / EI. SI better QoS?

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Difference S5120 SI / EI. SI better QoS?



I've recently deployed my first setup of the "new" HP switches, based around the A5500-EI's and I am quite happy about it. In the near future, I'd need to replace a few top-of-rack switches and the A5120's look nice.


However, I don't see the immediate distinction between the SI and the EI on the A5120-24G. I would assume that the EI has everything that the SI has, plus some extra's (as is the case with the A5500's), but that would not seem to be the case?


It seems that for instance the SI can do inbound rate limiting on interfaces, while the EI can't? Can anyone confirm this?


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Re: Difference S5120 SI / EI. SI better QoS?

No, EI does not suppport inbound rate limiting.  but you could apply a qos policy ("if-match any" classifier, "car" action in traffic behavior) to the inbound traffic to achieve almost the same effect as inbound rate limiting.