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Disable bpdu-protection re-enable using 'shutdown-interval'

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Disable bpdu-protection re-enable using 'shutdown-interval'



In COMWARE 5 in order to stop the port from trying to come back up every 30 seconds after 'bpdu-protection' took down a port you were able to issue the global command 'shutdown-interval 0'.  0 is no longer and option in COMWARE 7 so is there another way to disable the timer from tryign to bring the port up so it stays down until its manually enable?


Appreciate the assistance.


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Re: Disable bpdu-protection re-enable using 'shutdown-interval'

The Layer2 Configuration Guide says,

"For more information about this detection interval, see Fundamentals Configuration Guide."


The Fundamentals Configuration Guide has nothing in it about STP, let alone about BPDUs and the detection interval.


Dead end.


Why can't they describe the BPDU detection interval within the STP chapter of the Layer2 config guide, where it belongs?

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Re: Disable bpdu-protection re-enable using 'shutdown-interval'

Upgrading to latest firmware should give you the option.