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Display config w/o hitting "more"

Occasional Contributor

Display config w/o hitting "more"

Does anyone know how to display the configuration on a 5500 switch so that I don't have to keep hitting the return key. I want to be able to capture this info, without having to reformat the text.

Occasional Advisor

Re: Display config w/o hitting "more"

On a 5500;

1) Enter into 'User-interface aux 0 7' view.

(Note: Above is for the console connection, if you are using telnet the view would be 'User-interface vty 0 4')

2) Enter the command 'screen-length 0'.

3) Start your capture.

4) Enter the command 'Display Current-configuration'.

5) Stop your capture.

6) Enter the command 'screen-length 24'.

(24 is the default window height for a VT100 compatible terminal.)

If you have a tftp server, you could just transfer the config though. ;)