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Dot1x domain delimiter on COMW7 5130

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Dot1x domain delimiter on COMW7 5130



On all our 5130 CMW7.1  3109P05 or 3109P03 (POE or not) we can't choose the dot1x demiliter "\"

However delimiters "@","/" and "." work.


See below :



dot1x domain-delimiter \                                          
% Wrong parameter found at '^' position


Our radius scheme and domain config seem good. We sucessfully test the "@" domain delimiter but we wan't the "\" working.



Bug ? Something i didn't see in the manuals ? 

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Re: Dot1x domain delimiter on COMW7 5130

I guess you tried \\ ?


Because \ is often used as escape character so writing just \ might confuse whatever is trying to interpret that config while \\ would mean that you want "\" (as with \n you want newline and \r means carriage return etc).

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Re: Dot1x domain delimiter on COMW7 5130

It works with "\\"


Thank's a lot for your help !


Comware 5 doesn't interpret the "\". As you said, Comware 7 does.



Actually :


dot1x domain-delimiter ?

Delimiter string, contains one or more characters among @, \ , / and .

HP should mention the "\" specific case.