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Dot1x with Guest-VLAN

Pete W
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Dot1x with Guest-VLAN

I am building a solution where all ports in a building use 802.1x with dynamic VLANs. This is working ok.

I have a GUEST-VLAN configured for devices that do not speak 802.1x and in this case it takes about 40 seconds from the link coming up to the PC getting an IP.


The problem I am having is that when I PXE boot a PC - 40s is too long and the PXE boot process fails.


Does anybody know how to reduce the time it takes for a 5120-EI to put an interface into the guest-VLAN. I've tried reducing every timer possible that I can find, but it still seems to take about 40s.


# Global dot1x Config

dot1x timer tx-period 10
dot1x timer supp-timeout 1
dot1x retry 1
dot1x timer handshake-period 5
dot1x timer reauth-period 60
dot1x authentication-method eap


# Sample Interface Config

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/18
port link-type hybrid
undo port hybrid vlan 1
port hybrid vlan 88 untagged
port hybrid pvid vlan 88
undo voice vlan mode auto
voice vlan 50 enable
poe enable
stp edged-port enable
lldp compliance admin-status cdp txrx
dot1x re-authenticate
dot1x guest-vlan 88
undo dot1x handshake
dot1x port-method portbased





Aruba ACMP
Fortinet NSE 1-7
Cisco CCNP
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Re: Dot1x with Guest-VLAN

On the interfaces themselves: stp edged-port