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Doubts regarding switch-mode command on switch 7510 ?

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Doubts regarding switch-mode command on switch 7510 ?

Hi, does anyone can tell me where can I find more details regarding switch-mode command on switch 7510 ?


Any technical documentation about that ?


What does mean each switch-mode option ?



[HP]switch-mode ?


acl-ipv4 Switch-mode acl-ipv4
acl-l2 Switch-mode acl-l2
bridging Switch-mode bridging
disable-proxy forbidden LPU proxy board
hierarchy-l2vpn hierarchy-l2vpn
high-speed Switch-mode high-speed
ipv6 Switch-mode ipv6
l2-enhanced Switch-mode l2-enhanced
l2vpn l2vpn default normal
low-speed Switch-mode low-speed
mix-bridging-routing Switch-mode mix-bridging-routing
normal Switch-mode normal
optional-proxy-board Optional proxy board
route-iterative route iterative
route-normal route normal
routing Switch-mode routing
routing-enhanced Switch-mode routing-enhanced
standard Switch-mode standard
standard-bridging Switch-mode standard-bridging
standard-ipv6 Switch-mode standard-ipv6
standard-routing Switch-mode standard-routing


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