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E4800 versus A5500-EI

Occasional Advisor

E4800 versus A5500-EI



I was looking at E4800 and A5500-EI. Well, according to the pictures, data sheet (performance, ports) and the supported protocols, in my opinion those switches seem to be the same.

Am I correct? Well, there must be a difference between those. According to HP´s homepage, the "A" series is inferior to the "E" series switches. So could anyone tell me the difference between those switches?


thanks in advance.


Re: E4800 versus A5500-EI

Hi Michael:


The E4800G is the exact switch as the A5500-EI.


The E4800G is the old 3Com derivative and the A5500-EI is the H3C derivative.  Both are inetrnally the same switch and can use all the same modules.


HP's premier switches are the A-series, not the E-series.  So the A-series are definately NOT the inferior switches. Actually any switch that came over from 3Com/H3C are not the inferior switches.


I do believe that the E4800G switches will very shortly be no longer marketed, in favor of the A5500's, so if you are looking for a very robust switch, either are great, but go for the A5500's for continued support.


Have a good one.