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Enable more SNMP Traps on HPE 5130 EI JG933A switch

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Enable more SNMP Traps on HPE 5130 EI JG933A switch

Please help me,

i need to replace Cisco switch to HPE switch.

in the Cisco Switch config, i found some SNMP Trap features e.g trap for cpu threshold, vlancreate, vlandelete, tranceiver, tty, etc. i can't found this in this HPE comware based command. In the HPE Switch, i only found some SNMP Traps e.g port-security, snmp authentication,etc.

how to enable other trap features which aren't available on comware based switch?

do i need to add more MIB files ?



Re: Enable more SNMP Traps on HPE 5130 EI JG933A switch


You can view the available traps that you can enable by executing the command 'snmp-agent trap enable ?' from system-view.




[SW-A]snmp-agent trap enable ?
  arp            ARP module
  bfd            Enable BFD notifications
  bgp            Enable BGP notifications
  configuration  Enable configuration management notifications
  dhcp           Enable SNMP notifications for DHCP
  event-mib      Enable Event-MIB notifications
  ike            Enable SNMP notifications for IKE
  ipsec          Enable SNMP notifications for IPsec events
  isis           IS-IS module
  l2vpn          Enable L2VPN notifications
  l3vpn          Enable L3VPN notifications
  ldp            Enable LDP notifications
  mac-address    Enable MAC address notification
  mpls           Enable MPLS notifications
  ospf           OSPF module
  ospfv3         OSPFv3 module
  pim            Enable PIM notifications
  pim6           Enable IPv6 PIM notifications
  port-security  Port security module
  radius         RADIUS module
  rrpp           Rapid Ring Protection Protocol(RRPP) module
  spbm           Enable SPBM notifications
  standard       Enable standard SNMP notification
  stp            Enable STP notifications
  syslog         Enable sending syslog messages as SNMP traps
  system         Enable system management notifications
  te             Enable TE notifications
  trill          Enable TRILL notifications
  vrrp           Enable VRRP notifications

If you are not finding the trap that you are looking, check in the latest release notes if any additional traps are added to the list if your switch version is old.


Thank You!
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