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End points unable to get past the gateway

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End points unable to get past the gateway

Hi all,

I have a pair of 5820X's configured as my core switches. I have firewalls in an active-passive HA configuration. Each firewall is plugged into one of the two 5820x's in the core stack. From the core stack I have several 5120 stacks, some with poe for our phones and some without poe. The core is configured as the gw for both the data network as well as the voice network with a route that sends all traffic to the firewall cluster virtual IP. I have had some issues recently when the network is flooded with traffic for instance where things freak out and some of my end points suddenly can not get to the internet. They are getting IP's fine, and can ping the gateway ip (core stack ip) but they can not get to the internet. I can plug another endpoint into the same port and it will work just fine. Plug the problem device back in and it still will not ping internet. These are devices that had no issues until something went screwy with the switch.


Thanks for any help provided.