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Re: Failover Router with VRF (VPN instance)


Failover Router with VRF (VPN instance)

Dear All,

I am begineer in HP and please help me .

In my network we are using HPE 3044 .Now we run tow VPN instance (VRF ) in one  3044 route with 2 x WAN links. vpn instance 1 for customer type 1 (binding with wan 1) and vpn instance 2 for customer type 2 (binding with WAN 2). Now we want to add one router for fail-over.But i don't know which protocol need to run for randuncy.So IPlease help me which protocol or which service i need to run to get fail-over for this two router. VRRP can handle this topology ?


Re: Failover Router with VRF (VPN instance)



To achieve redundancy between MSR 3044 Routers you can configure IRF. 

Two routers in IRF, will virtually be one and your VRF configuration also be need to go according to that. 

You want to explore more on this option in the configuration guides and post on more queries. 

I am an HPE Employee

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Re: Failover Router with VRF (VPN instance)

Hi @gc_09,

Thank for your help.

I need configuration sample.I aslo want to know  about sflow. My sflow configuration is doesn't work on MSR 3064 and PRTG. let me know my configuration is wrong not not i follow 6600 series configuration guide.


interface g 0/0

description LAN Network

ip add

sflow agent ip

sflow collector 2 ip description netserver


gi 0/1

description WAN

ip add

sflow counter interval 120

sflow counter collector 2