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Finding unused network ports

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Finding unused network ports


from time to time it's nice to list up ports on network switches which have not been used for a long time.

On Cisco you can gather this info from the 'show int' output which tells you how long there has been no input or output.  Is there something similar on Comware based network switches?

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Re: Finding unused network ports

on comware 7 at least yes :


>dis int g1/0/1 | i flap
Last link flapping: 3 weeks 6 days 0 hours 14 minutes


Re: Finding unused network ports

You can read this information out with snmp.

If you use IMC, IMC should show you the last interface status change.

Otherwise you can write a script that retrieves this info using snmp and generates a textfile or so with all the ports that are down and didn't have a status change since a specified number of days. I made a script like this once in BASH but I'm not sure where and if I still have it. Nice thing is that you can use it for any switch of any vendor because these are standard snmp mibs I believe.