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Firmware Update on two XRN stacked 5500G-EI

Occasional Contributor

Firmware Update on two XRN stacked 5500G-EI

Hi !

We have two 5500G-EI switches which are stacked via a XRN stacking cable. Both are running Firmware 3.03.01s168. We now have to update both to the newest firmware which at the moment is 03_03_02s168p07.

Does anyone know what the best strategy is for updating ?

Can we first update unit 2, restart it, and after the restart update unit 1 ? Does the stack work when they have different firmwares ? Or should we patch the cables from unit 2 to a third switch, so that unit 2 has no traffic ? Should we stop all traffic on both switches ?

I hope someone did this before.

Thanks in advance


Super Advisor

Re: Firmware Update on two XRN stacked 5500G-EI

Hi Steve.

The better option to proceed an upgrade in a XRN stack is to upload the new firmware and bootrom to both units in the stack, make a double check in the file system and schedule a reboot to a time that represents less impact over your environment.

A XRN stack does not work with different versions in the units nor even with different sysnames.