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Firmware upgradation

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Firmware upgradation


I want to upgrade firmware in 7506E series chassis, request some one to share the required commands and procedure to upgrade. I am new to HP networking.

To download latest stable version, required HP contract?


Thanks in advance.


Thanks and regards,

Ashok Kumar


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Re: Firmware upgradation

Hi, no 7506E exists.

Probably you are referring instead to HPE FlexNetwork 7500 Switch Series, if so if you have the exact Product SKU for your Switch (SKU is the Product Number, as example the JD239C or the JH332A) you can look for Software and Manuals starting from the HPE Support portal here and selecting the HPE Servers, Storage and Networking's link under "Product Support".

The direct link to HPE Servers, Storage and Networking product support page is here, that's for your convenience...but the path is then self-explicative...from that page you can start looking for you product name/number.

Eventually you can also start your research from the offical product page which, for the HPE FlexNetwork 7500 Switch Series, is here (useful for QuickSpecs and Manuals too).

No matter which path you follow, once you are on the HPE Servers, Storage and Networking product support page...if you look for the HPE FlexNetwork 7500 then you will arrive here, the place where your journey should start for Manuals and Software.

AFAIK Software updates don't require any Support Contract, as example Software released (or archived) related to JD239C is available here but - first of all - always read related documentation and release notes first, especially if you're new to HPE networking...that's necessary to familiarize with procedures, configurations and product's's never a good idea starting with a "copy and paste" approach without really understanding you're operating on a expensive (and powerful) product. Isn't it?

Is that enough to have a good start?