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Re: FlexFabric 5700 - Firmware upgrade path

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FlexFabric 5700 - Firmware upgrade path


I've just taken over a fleet of FF 5700 switches, and they're horribly out of date in regards to firmware upgrades

Current installed version is 7.1.045 R2311P05. Does anyone know if i need to perform a stepped upgrade to the latest version, or if i can upgrade to it directly? If a stepped upgrade is needed, can you point me towards any resources that shows me the path to take?

The reason i ask is that the release notes mentioned requiring certain BootROM versions for the upgrade to work, the latest needs 148 i think, i only have 132 on these switches

Thanks. Andy

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Re: FlexFabric 5700 - Firmware upgrade path

Are you dealing with a fleet of HPE 5700 each one standalone or deployed all (or some) as IRF?

Latest BootROM version is 157 and it should be included into R2432P06 or older software release...but it's not an issue having to update it since using the ipe file to perform the update...the whole update process is automatically managed by the switch for system and boot images and, generally, BootROM file is included into ipe file (so BootROM, if necessary, can be easily manually updated too).

List of software releases.

Read relevant HPE 5700 Comware 7.10 R2432P06 Release Note to understand how to update (IIRC a stepped update is not required from R2311P05 (early 2015).

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Re: FlexFabric 5700 - Firmware upgrade path


we have two 5700 configured with IRF. At the moment  run the version

System image version: 7.1.045, Release 2422P01 and Bootrom Version: 147

If I understand the release information for the version HPE 5700-CMW710-R2432P06 it is not possible a direct upgrade from our old version? Which steps do we need to upgrade our switches?

thanks for your help




Re: FlexFabric 5700 - Firmware upgrade path

Use the boot-loader command to upgrade the software from 23XX to
24XX on both switches in the IRF domain, rather than using the issu command.  After installing R2432P06, reboot both switches.

Check the FLASH for free space and clean up before ftp loading the new .ipe file to flash

<>dir slot1#flash:

<>dir slot2#flash:

<>delete /unreserved slot1#flash:filename.ext

<>boot-loader file flash:/5700-CMW710-R2432P06.ipe slot ?

<1,2> Slot number

<>boot-loader file flash:/5700-CMW710-R2432P06.ipe slot 2 main <cr>

<>boot-loader file flash:/5700-CMW710-R2432P06.ipe slot 1 main <cr>


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