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FlexFabric 5700 MSTP configuration

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Occasional Advisor

FlexFabric 5700 MSTP configuration


I have been tasked to configure MSTP to match the core which consists of a couple of FF5700 switches in IRF-configuration.

The only configuration done on the FF5700 is:

stp instance 0 root primary
stp global enable

How can I match this in a non-HPE switch, Dell specifically?
I tried running display stp on the FF5700 but it doesn't show any revision or name for the STP.

I cannot find anything in the current-configuration about mstp.
It almost seems like MSTP is not enabled since there is no configuration about it in the current-configuration, but it still shows in the output of display stp command.


Respected Contributor

Re: FlexFabric 5700 MSTP configuration


Please post the output of the following command:

dis stp brief

Have you done any region and instance configuration on this switch? If no configuration is performed, MSTP will be used, but with RSTP behavior.

Occasional Advisor

Re: FlexFabric 5700 MSTP configuration

Hi johnk3r, see below for output of the command.

display stp brief

MST ID   Port                                Role  STP State   Protection

0        Bridge-Aggregation1                 DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation2                 DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation3                 DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation4                 DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation5                 DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation6                 DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation7                 DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation8                 DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation9                 DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation10                DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation11                DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation12                DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation13                DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation14                DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation15                DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation16                DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Bridge-Aggregation17                DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/18           DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/19           DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/20           DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

0        Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/21           DESI  FORWARDING  NONE

You are right, since everything is MST ID 0.

But how is MSTP even on the switch?
I did not configure this switch, is MSTP default on FlexFabric 5700?

Does this mean I don't have to configure any region name/revision etc.. on the switch I am configuring to match this FlexFabric?

Respected Contributor

Re: FlexFabric 5700 MSTP configuration


please do a

] display current-configuration configuration system | incl "^ stp"

and post the output.


Søren Dideriksen, Network Administrator
Region Midtjylland
Occasional Advisor

Re: FlexFabric 5700 MSTP configuration

Hi sdide, see below output.

stp instance 0 root primary
stp global enable


Respected Contributor

Re: FlexFabric 5700 MSTP configuration

If you do not perform any configuration, MSTP will have RSTP behavior. In this case, you do not have to configure any instances. If you want to work with MSTP, you will need to configure the instances.