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GRE Tunnel static routes

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GRE Tunnel static routes

I created a gre tunnel connecting diverse locations. It came up and I can see through the tunnel (I can ping between the two sides. To bring user traffic through is an issue there is no routing (ospf) at the far end so to get the data accross I have to use static routes. The command used is ip route tunnel xxx. In the ospf on the core I entered import static-route. The route never showed up in the routing table. I changed the static route by adding the address at the remote side of the tunnel it still dis not show up in the routing table. One further chage I made was to remove the reference to the tunnel xxx. the route showed up in the table but the traffic was still blocked, Any suggestions?
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Re: GRE Tunnel static routes

a bit old I know 

if your entry didn't show up in the routing table that means your next hop wasn't reachable at layer 3, were your tunnels actually up?

on the core end you would need another static route that would be then redistributed