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GRE tunnel to extend Vlan

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GRE tunnel to extend Vlan

I would like to extend a VLAN or VLANS from point A to point without using Layer 2 loop avoidance...ETC


I hate Spanning tree and other issues.

I currently do this to a limited extend using ARUBA RAPs

I have looked and looked at the Tunneling documentation everywhere I could find and it seems like HP thinks the  only thing I should want to tunnel from point A to Point B is a port.   Whereas I can see how that would be helpful I would rather have vlan 22 (for example) be  at 3 different sites without extending through each of the trunks between.. Thus avoiding the need for Layer 2 loop avoidance and the associated risks.


Can this be done?

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Re: GRE tunnel to extend Vlan

Don't know "how big" you're thinking about extending Layer 2 between sites...a possible answer - when you want to exent DC1 to DC2 at Layer 2 level as example, could be implementing the HPE EVI (Ethernet Virtual Interconnect) requires big irons and a certain type of connectivity between sites (AKA "dark fiber(s)" between Sites/ least that's what I understood).