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Gbics on 5500 switch

Occasional Contributor

Gbics on 5500 switch

Hello people,

Maybe someone knows, if I have a 5500 SFP switch and I would like to use 100mb Gbics on it, are there some restrictions like there is a possibility to use only 2 100mb Gbics on this switch simultaneously? Basically I've connected 3 5500's in stuck, all switches are of different kind. 1. 5500 SFP 24 ports; 2. 5500 48 ethernet ports and 4 SFP; 3. 5500 24 ethernet ports and 4 SFP. All these switches are with the same version. The stuck is working all right, but when I've connected the fiber cables, all the SFP ports were flapping up and down on each switch. What could be a problem? Duplex and speed are not the issue...

Thank you in advance.