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H3C 7500 : OSPF error


H3C 7500 : OSPF error



Can someone tell me the meaning of the followind log message on my H3C 7506 running OSPF routing protocol, please ?


%Sep 27 16:47:31:755 2015 A7500_PLC_3N RM/3/RMLOG: OSPF 1 208 : Failed Minarrival LSA(5,,


Thank you very much



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Re: H3C 7500 : OSPF error

According to page 335 in OSPF Complete Implementation Guide by John T. Moy (ISBN 0-201-30966-1):



Message: OSPF.206: Failed MinArrival %lsa %neighbour


Level: 4


Discussion: The router has received an update for an LSA that has just recently (within the last MinLSArrival seconds) been installed into the link-state database. The router discards the LSA, forcing the neighbour to retransmit. This mechanism rate-limits the origination of LSAs, even if the ultimate originator is not obeying the restriction to update each LSA at most once every MinLSInterval seconds. Unfortunately, the MinLSArrival check sometimes misbehaves during Database Exchange, causing needless LSA retransmissions.