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H3C S5500-28C-EI intermittent ICMP loss

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H3C S5500-28C-EI intermittent ICMP loss

Hi all we have a H3C S5500-28C-EI where I have setup a seperate VLAN for network mgmt. Issue is recently our monitoring platform report the unit offline. When this happen we cannot ping the switch or probe it via snmp. During this period we can ping and default 1 IP and http to the unit.

It is running the latest firmware Software Version 5.20 Release 2221P20..

On the router which is directly connected we do not see the ARP entry for the switch so it seems as though the new mgmt vlan which we setup somehow goes into a shut down state. The only way we can initiate SNMP and ICMP is to ping the Mgmt VLAN default gateway from the S5500.

Anyone know if there is a known bug? Also I am not doing any rapid pings but from my desktop a simple ping -t