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H3C Stack - Adding HP 5500-24G member

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H3C Stack - Adding HP 5500-24G member



We have a customer that has two H3C S5500-EI switches in a stack.


They need to add another switch.  The new switch supplied by HP is a HP 5500-24G.


Presales have confirmed that the older H3C branded switches need to be running the same firmware level as the new switch and switched into HP mode.


Does anyone know what this will do to the current stack / configuration?  Am I rebuilding the config and stack?  Or does the switch into HP mode retain the config?

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Re: H3C Stack - Adding HP 5500-24G member

Hi Stephen


I never used it with 5500 EI but with 5120 EI. There it is the same with H3C S5120 and HP 5120.


You habe to upgrade the H3C-Stack to the same version as the HP Switch and hit the command "brand HP" into the switch and reboot it. Then the H3C Stack boots up as HP branded, the config will remain and you can add the HP-Switch to the IRF-Stack.




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