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H3C & Cisco MACFLAPs

Occasional Contributor

H3C & Cisco MACFLAPs

Hi all,


I have a load of H3C switches (S5500 SIs) as access layer switches connecting via LACP  bundles to a stack of Cisco 3750s.


In the Cisco Logs, I'm seeing hundreds of MAC FLAPs for 000f.e207.f2e0 which appears to a a H3C mac address. Now, initially I thought we had a loop in the network somewhere, that was until I saw the mac flapping across two ports that could not possibly have a loop.


I have come across this (which I've had to run through google translate) http://tinyurl.com/8m6d8za which appears to suggest that this is expected?


Can anyone tell me how to resolve this? I've tried disabling ntdp & ndp globally on a couple of my H3Cs and I'm still seeing that mac across the uplinks.


Any help appreciated.



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Re: H3C & Cisco MACFLAPs

Hi StuPittwood 


Please post the cisco und h3c port config and the message from the cisco. May we can help you.





H3CSE, MASE Network Infrastructure [2011], Switzerland
Occasional Contributor

Re: H3C & Cisco MACFLAPs

The configs are attached.


I've removed IP, Security & some other bits.


There are 16 H3C switches hanging off this Cisco stack, all with the same problem and are all configured identically to the config attached.


Thanks in advance



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Re: H3C & Cisco MACFLAPs

Hi Stu


You don't use LACP, you use manual/static Link Aggregation.


My best experience between HP/H3C and Cisco is using LACP in active mode.



interface bridge x

  link-aggr mode dynamic



interface giga 0/x

  port-channel mode active



try this out




H3CSE, MASE Network Infrastructure [2011], Switzerland
Occasional Contributor

Re: H3C & Cisco MACFLAPs

Hi Manuel,


Thanks for the input. 


When I do that, the LACP doesn't come up.


I get this on the H3C


Aggregation Interface Type:
BAGG -- Bridge-Aggregation, RAGG -- Route-Aggregation
Aggregation Mode: S -- Static, D -- Dynamic
Loadsharing Type: Shar -- Loadsharing, NonS -- Non-Loadsharing
Actor System ID: 0x8000, 3822-d607-d72d

AGG         AGG       Partner ID               Select Unselect   Share
Interface   Mode                               Ports  Ports      Type
BAGG1       D         0x8000, 0000-0000-0000   0      2          Shar


& this on the Cisco (it's Port Channel 3)



BUKCANSW230#sh etherchannel sum
Flags:  D - down        P - bundled in port-channel
        I - stand-alone s - suspended
        H - Hot-standby (LACP only)
        R - Layer3      S - Layer2
        U - in use      f - failed to allocate aggregator

        M - not in use, minimum links not met
        u - unsuitable for bundling
        w - waiting to be aggregated
        d - default port

Number of channel-groups in use: 22
Number of aggregators:           22

Group  Port-channel  Protocol    Ports
1      Po1(SU)          -        Gi1/0/1(P)  Gi2/0/1(P)
2      Po2(SU)          -        Gi1/0/2(P)  Gi2/0/2(P)
3      Po3(SD)         LACP      Gi1/0/3(I)  Gi2/0/3(I)