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H3c Switch issue

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H3c Switch issue

Hi Friends,


I am facing few problem in H3c 7500 series switch. Please help me


Here r my problem.


1) When i do traceroute from my internal network to some server in the wan, in the hop count my h3c core switch is not shown .I dont have much idea on hardening, is some hardening has been done on the switch please help.

2) And i am facing another  peculiar problem,  from my internal network which is behind the core we can do telnet to some servers which is in the wan  and execute  command but  if i telnet to the core switch and from there try to telnet to the same server i get authenticated but once i type some command , the screen freezes, please help.

3) Lastly how to configure fallback mechanism that is authentication and authorization will be done from radius server, but if connection cannot be done with radius server i want local username and password please help with the above problems.



Aritra Ghosh

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Re: H3c Switch issue

For 1)



ip ttl-expires enable

ip unreachables enable


might be the solution.

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Re: H3c Switch issue

thanks for  the reply i will go tomorrow and try the solution ............