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HP 10512

Dear All, 

I am using the HP 10512 in our data center.  I am not familiry with comware. Is there any option to Upgraed this Product to Pro curev

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Re: HP 10512

No, there isn't.

They belong to two completely different Switch families: the HPE FlexNetwork (FlexCampus) 10500 Switch Series is Comware operating system based instead Aruba Switch Series (formerly HP ProCurve) is ArubaOS-Switch (formerly HP ProVision) operating system's like about comparing Apples and Oranges...both are fruits...but they are quite different.

HPE FlexNetwork Switch families (sub categories are: FlexFabric, FlexCampus and FlexBranch) are engineered to be employed mostly on Data Centers (DC) as Core, ToR (Top of Rack) or Edge units while Aruba's are  engineered to be employed mostly as Edge devices with some examples of Core units like the 3810 and 5400R zl2 (and the very latest disrupting Aruba 8400 is one of these units)...but hardware choice depends on your type of network.

There is plenty of documentation about HPE FlexNetwork (and here) and also about Aruba: take you time to familiarize with both (you're lucky to have a HPE FlexCampus 10500 at hands!).

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