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HP 4510G ACL multiple Gateway Routing

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HP 4510G ACL multiple Gateway Routing

Hi People,


I've recently purchased a 4510G-48 HP 3COM switch and have got some questions with regards to the configuration.



Currently, I have configured 4 VLAN's - VLAN 100, 200, 300, and 400 each with their own interface IP on the 172.16 network subnetted into 6. so VLAN100: VLAN200: and so on.


The problem I have is setting a default route to the gateway as the gateway will not support trunking. Due to this, it also has 4 gateway IPs with addresses as: VLAN100: VLAN200:


I need to find a way of routing traffic coming from each subnet to their respective gateway addresses: i.e external traffic routes to: external traffic routes to:



It was my understanding that you should set up an ACL basic group to assign the source address group (although I dont understand the wildcard settings?) and a route policy with if-match rules to the ACL group and a destination group (


However, I'm having real problems getting this to work. Does anyone have any idea how to do this?


Many thanks,