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HP 5120 temporary unavailability )

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HP 5120 temporary unavailability )

Maybe I'm stupid, but:
I configured HP 5120 24 SI:
(interface Vlan-interface 1
ip address
I also set up a time synchronization and access to ssh
Everything worked. ping too.
After some time the switch was not available (ping - impassable, ssh, web too of course)
After some time, all miraculously worked!
First, I expect that this port auto power off to save energy and auto power off vlan network when all ports are disabled, but these options are not suitable.
Hosts connected to the switch are available!
Additional information - if you go to the switch through the console port (AUX), then switch itself all the pings (and himself and other IP addresses)
... if you have any suggestions, happy to check them
Thank you!

P.S Sorry for my english


Re: HP 5120 temporary unavailability )

Did you ever get SSH to work or only AUX? Does ping fail when on the same network as well?


Can you post a display current?



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Re: HP 5120 temporary unavailability )

Problem solved.  ARP overflow on  default vlan. poor network architecture

Thanks to all