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HP 5130 IRF Physical Port selection

Occasional Contributor

HP 5130 IRF Physical Port selection

Hi All,


I have small question about selecting the physical ports for IRF using 5130 switches.

In our scenario we have 5 switches to connect in Ring topology. 

In IRF configuration guide it is mentioned that 2 SFP+ ports will be in 1 group (49,50 and 51,52).

I just want to confirm if above is correct it means that i will not be having enogh SFP+ ports to connect an uplink and the only option to have the uplink port is to connect the switches in Daisy Chain topology.


What i want to know is if its possible to configure port 49 for IRF port1 and port 50 for IRF port2 and the remaing 2 ports we can use it for the uplink?


I got the details from the following link

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Re: HP 5130 IRF Physical Port selection

We use 5900 switches and not 5130, but we only use one SFP+ for each irf-port. On member 1:


irf-port 1/1
port group interface FortyGigE 1/0/53

irf-port 1/2
port group interface FortyGigE 1/0/54