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HP 5130 ssh authentification key

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HP 5130 ssh authentification key

Hi everybody,

I would like to be able to copy my configuration file from my switch to my backup server (It's a typical Debian VM...) The scp command always prompt for the username and the password. We can't use the old way : user@X.X.X.X ... I can't find the way to set up an ssh authentification by key. I do not want to fill up the username and password field anymore !

Thank's for you help !


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Re: HP 5130 ssh authentification key


Check out the 5130 EI Switch Series Security Configuration Guide.  There is a section on SCP File Transfer with password authentication.  I think you only need the password the first time and then you'll have the public key for the switch.   There is nothing discussed about a non-password option so you may be out of luck and have to use a password.