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HP 5500-24G EI Switch (jd377a) -- Problems with transceivers ...

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HP 5500-24G EI Switch (jd377a) -- Problems with transceivers ...

Hey guys,


our company bought an hp 5500-24g ei (jd377a) switch for our new server room. We also bought 4 mini gbic modules (JD118B) and apparently they don´t work or are not compatible with the switch: 


%May 31 14:56:11:182 2013 morbo OPTMOD/4/MODULE_IN:
GigabitEthernet1/0/26: The transceiver is 1000_BASE_SX_SFP.

%May 31 14:56:11:325 2013 morbo OPTMOD/4/FIBER_SFPMODULE_NOWINVALID:
GigabitEthernet1/0/26: This is not a supported transceiver for this platform. HP does not guarantee the normal operation or maintenance of unsupported transceivers. Please review the platform datasheet on the HP web site or contact your HP sales rep for a list of supported transceivers.


Sometimes i get the message that this transceiver is not compatible as i plug it in and sometimes not. And of course the fiber connections don´t work. I´ve tried the firmware that came with the switch (5.20.99 Feature 2218P01-US) and also upgraded the firmware to the newest version available (5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2220P02).


On the product page of the switch is this gbic module listed as compatible device :( 


What can or shall i do now?

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Re: HP 5500-24G EI Switch (jd377a) -- Problems with transceivers ...


You could try experimenting with the switch "brand" to see if that makes a difference in them getting recognized.
<Switch> brand hp

Other than that, I've checked and the transceivers should definitely be compatible with your switch. No known issues like this that I could find. Please gather the output of "display diagnostic" while the transceivers inserted and open a case with HPN Support.
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Re: HP 5500-24G EI Switch (jd377a) -- Problems with transceivers ...

Well, it´s actually a known "problem" (or not) for me:


- Yes, HP Comware based switches complain about "wrong" transceivers, although they have the right coding. Might be a branding problem while the ex "H3C" and "3Com" branding was transfered to "HP", which I see on


- 3Com 4800G == HP E4800. Even with "3com" branding, they complain about wrong "3Com" transceiver.
 Also with branding changed to "HP" with "brand hp", that one won´t stop.


- Except that warning, they will work, either. At least for now. (except you´ve be one of those "lucky guys" which once had e.g. R2208 installed on their A5500 switches)