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HP 5500 EI :-ACL Issue


HP 5500 EI :-ACL Issue

I have created 3 VLANS in HP 5500 switch


VLAN 2:- VLAN Interface:- /24

VLAN 3:- VLAN Interface:- /24

VLAN 4:- VLAN Interface:- /24


I Need to deny ACcess from 2 to 3  and from 3 to 2 It was working fine but  my 2nd requirement is to 


allow access 4 to 3 but deny from 3 to 4.   Can you please guide me how to do that or is it not possible??? because after applying acl I have noted that traffic from 4 to 3 reach but return packet is block ???

Please help 

Super Advisor

Re: HP 5500 EI :-ACL Issue

as you said if you block one side the other will be blocked too, this cannot be achieved by ACL