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HP 5500 EIC-28 Enabling Port

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HP 5500 EIC-28 Enabling Port

I have a HP 5500 EI-28 port Gigabyte switch. I have 10 ports that are enabled and the rest of the ports are disabled. I want to enable 2 ports through the web management interface.

I go to:


I then select the 2 ports that I want to configure. After selecting the ports I input all of the different options like VLAn ID, Link Type, speed, etc.

After that I hit "Apply".

The switch then goes stops routing traffic and you cannot even ping it or access it through the web interface. The only way to get it backup is to unplug power and plug it back. Am I doing something wrong?

Do I need to enable ports first then save configuration then configure the rest of the options?

Any help will be appreciated.





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Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: HP 5500 EIC-28 Enabling Port

I see you are trying to config ports 21-22 in the switch. Are you using ports 25-28? Ports 21-24 are dual personality with 25-28 (I dont really remember the mapping off hand though) so you cant use them at the same time. Allthough its called 28 ports, thats really just 28 physical ports, you can only use 24 of them at any given time.


Probably you have an uplink or something in the 25-28 ports which gets disabled when you try to configure 21-24.

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Re: HP 5500 EIC-28 Enabling Port

Can you try log in through CLI

go to the relavant interface and issue


undo sh


on both ports and save the config