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HP 5500 HI Switch Series - Customization of internal portal pages does not work

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HP 5500 HI Switch Series - Customization of internal portal pages does not work



I've been reading the HP 5500 HI  Switch Series documentation regarding internal portal page customization. It's pretty straightforward, it just doesn't seem to work as advertised.


The document mentions:


A set of authentication page files must be compressed into a standard zip file. The name of a zip
file can contain only letters, numerals, and underscores. The zip file of the default authentication
pages must be saved with name
• The set of authentication pages must be located in the root directory of the zip file.
• Zip files can be transferred to the device through FTP or TFTP. The default authentication pages file
must be saved in the root directory of the device, and other authentication files can be saved in the
root directory or the portal directory under the root directory of the device.


I created my own set of default authentication files and placed them in the mentioned zip file, which I copied to the root directory. (I repeated and double checked the procedure numerous times.) However, the switch just ignores my customized files, it always picks the predefined pages. Debug logs:


*Dec 11 15:18:50:047 2014 HP PORTAL/7/PORTAL_DEBUG: Get ip from Url: 0xc0a8050a.
*Dec 11 15:18:50:148 2014 HP PORTAL/7/PORTAL_DEBUG: Action: GET, File: logon.htm.
*Dec 11 15:18:50:248 2014 HP PORTAL/7/PORTAL_DEBUG: Conn 10158081, Reset age time to 30000.
*Dec 11 15:18:50:359 2014 HP PORTAL/7/PORTAL_DEBUG: Error: Failed to get the file from zip.
*Dec 11 15:18:50:474 2014 HP PORTAL/7/PORTAL_DEBUG: Conn:10158081, Replied a file logon.htm for client.
(In fact, I'm seeing similar messages even without having the mentioned zip file in the root directory.)
My question is:
Is internal portal file customization really supported? If so, what's the proper procedure? The documentation seems buggy, it includes copy/paste from the HP wireless controller documentation. For example:
Examples of zip files on the device:
<Sysname> dir
Directory of flash:/portal/
0 -rw- 1405 Feb 28 2011 15:53:31
1 -rw- 1405 Feb 28 2011 15:53:20
2 -rw- 1405 Feb 28 2011 15:53:39
3 -rw- 1405 Feb 28 2011 15:53:44
2540 KB total (1319 KB free)

Note the SSID references. These are supposed to be custom portal files, to be selected according to the SSID in use. Obviously, not applicable to a wired switch. There is no description on how custom portal files (i.e. the ones in the portal directory, not the default ones) are supposed to be defined for the wired switch, i.e. the criteria for mapping to a certain web request (since SSID is obviously not applicable).